An exceptional terroir

Today, our vineyard covers around 140Ha; mainly in Petite Champagne as well as in Grande Champagne, where the level of active limestone is very high. This limestone is a major factor in the quality of our “eaux-de-vie”. Thanks to this exceptional terroir, our cognacs have a very high quality potential! We practice a reasoned culture of the vine (tillage, reasoning of treatments, solar panels, recovery of rainwater, reed filtration system …) in order to produce the best grapes while respecting the environment. The ideal grape for cognac is Ugni Blanc, but we also have a bit of Folle Blanche. A few hectares of colombard (for Pineau des Charentes white), and Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon for Pineau des Charentes red. During the various stages of the development of our cognacs, we apply the artisanal techniques transmitted from father to son. They allow us to enhance our terroir by accentuating the natural qualities of our “eaux-de-vie”: floral notes, finesse and elegance on the nose, roundness, suppleness and length in the mouth.

Grapes harvest

To obtain a floral “eau-de-vie”, very representative of the Grande and Petite Champagne vintages, it is important to harvest a healthy harvest. This is why we regularly invest in our equipment to reduce as much as possible the delivery time of our fresh harvest and improve its quality. The grapes are pressed as soon as they arrive in the winery to avoid any oxidation phenomenon. “A technique adapted to the vine” Our young vines, which are quite fragile, are harvested by hand; the rest of the vineyard is harvested mechanically.


In 2004, we installed 3 pneumatic presses of 50Hl each. Then, in 2014, a 4th 110Hl press, which also allows us to macerate our Pineau des Charentes. The fermentation begins in our tanks and is done a maximum of 24 hours after pressing. Our wines are stored on the lees for better conservation, in particular against oxidation. No antioxidant product is added to our wines. Only the high acidity allows good preservation until distillation.


As soon as our wines have finished their malo-lactic fermentation, we check their quality by tasting (traditional method) as well as by analyzes.
Once the quality has been checked, we can then start the distillation. Generally it lasts 5 months; from the beginning of November until the month of March.
Our wines are distilled with the lees in order to concentrate the perfumes, to accentuate the roundness and the suppleness of our “eaux-de-vie”.
The presence of lees in our wines implies a slower and more flexible artisanal distillation.
The quality control of our brandies is done during the tasting, by the VALLET family.

The ageing

During the aging of our “eaux-de-vie”, the family tradition favors the floral and fruity characters of our cognacs.
Our 350L barrels are made of French Limousin oak, with “medium” heating, in order to protect the natural qualities of our brandies.
During the placing in the barrel, after distillation, part of our cognacs is selected for the VS-VSOP-NAPOLÉON-XO qualities …


« The cellar master’s work is now carried out by Laurent, who in turn must preserve and perpetuate the secrets of production. »
The blend of our cognacs is made up of different years. The reduction of our cognacs is done very slowly, with “weak” to protect the quality of our “brandies”.
The weak are distilled waters which have remained in empty barrels. They have captured the cognac absorbed by the wood, they can measure between 15 and 18% alc.
We opted for a very gentle filtration of our cognacs in order to preserve a maximum of aromas and flavors.

A family gift!
Over the years and generations, each member of the Vallet family has been able to sharpen their tasting qualities to develop increasingly qualitative cognacs.
Laurent is the perfect witness!
After studying wine, and long years spent tasting with his father and grandfather, he quickly became passionate about the art of tasting and blending!

The Bottling

To date, we have two bottling lines: an automatic (for cylindrical bottles) and a manual (for special bottles and decanters). We take care of the finish of our presentations as much as possible, and we are able to produce small personalized series, which allows us to respond to all requests.
Each bottle is washed, pulled, capped, capped, labeled, checked and then packaged carefully, to the delight of the consumer.

key points

– A unique story, witness to a successful transmission
– Know-how for 8 generations
– Selection by Laurent of “tailor-made” batches of cognac
– Blend with family cognacs
– Rare and unique composition
– Gentle reduction of Cognacs
– Use of weak
– Filtration between 0-2 ° C
– Bottled at the property
– Exclusive single casks in very limited quantities
– First XXO of the Vallet Family, proof of mastered generational know-how
– Number of bottles for sale “under control”