Our history

Famille VALLETArtisans-Explorateurs de spiritueux

Rich in our history, the Vallet Family is not less than 8 generations of experience and know-how serving the terroir of cognac. However, the Vallet Family has been working for 6 generations as owner grower of the Château Montifaud vineyard. It sees succeeded by Pierre-Augustin, Pierre-Adrien, Maurice, Louis and Michel. Nowadays, Laurent VALLET, the 6th generation, is the owner of the estate. With his wife, Elodie, they are the fervent holders of an authentic story where each generation follows one after another, but don't resemble each other.

It was in 2000 that Laurent joined the family estate, after having vinified on other farms, notably in the United States. The vineyard then extends over 60 ha in Petite and Grande Champagne. In 2004, Laurent married Elodie and had 2 daughters: Loïs and Flavie. In the years that followed, Laurent was fortunate to work alongside his grandfather Louis, and his father Michel, learning all the know-how acquired over generations in the vineyard, at the distillery or in the half-light of cellars. The tasting of cognac and the art of blending then became a passion for him … The vineyard expanded at 90Ha then in 2007, always concerned with quality, Michel and Laurent built a new assembly cellar at the forefront of technology. It was that year that Elodie joined the family at the property. In 2011, Laurent and Michel renovated the 12Hl stills, which were assembled at the time by their ancestors Maurice and Pierre.

As market demand is growing, it is therefore necessary to increase the size of the vineyard. Laurent therefore signed in 2014 the purchase of around 30 additional hectares, to date at around 140Ha.

In 2017, sales reached approximately 400,000 bottles under the Château Montifaud brand. All the production is sold. Laurent and Elodie want to continue developing this great story and therefore decide to embark on the creation of a range of grape-based gin to attract new consumers and new markets. Cognac obviously remaining their DNA, Laurent and Elodie are also revamping the PIERRE VALLET brand, in tribute
to their ancestors.

So today, we suggest that you write together a page of this wonderful challenge, through our range of artisanal spirits, with forever the passion and know-how as a common thread.

In the Vallet Family, we don’t follow the trend, we follow our instincts and we entrust our destiny to you…

The story of Pierre Vallet

In the VALLET family, there were first Augustin, Pierre, Maurice, Louis, Michel and today Laurent: 6 generations to succeed one another at the head of the family vineyard. At least, that’s what we thought!

Indeed, by arranging family papers belonging to Mauritius, we discovered that Pierre, called himself “Adrien” with his family and that Augustine was actually named… Pierre! Intrigued by this discovery, we wanted to understand why father and son changed their first name.

Each old family has its share of mystery but there, we found ourselves immersed in the heart of a family puzzle of the most exciting! Fortunately for us, before dying, Maurice transcribed his memories with his daughter Simone. Through his writings, we were able to discover that in the VALLET Family, there were not 1 but 4 “Pierre”, thus reducing the number of generations to 8! (including 6 owners of the Château Montifaud domain)

What a discovery! Before Mauritius, we were called “Pierre VALLET” from father to son!

The story is beautiful but could have ended here …

Faced with this terrible observation, Pierre-Adrien and his son Maurice, launched out in search of “nuggets” throughout the Charente countryside. They selected very fine spirits there, which they then subtly married to the new harvests. Thus were born the first “Pierre VALLET” blends!

More than 150 years later, it is this beautiful story that we wish to share with you today through this range of Cognacs and Pineau des Charentes “Pierre VALLET”.

Discover the alchemy of our cognacs assembled with a rigorous selection of pretty treasures that we have found for you in various “cellars” of the Cognac appellation. An XXO and a rare offer of Single casks enhance a range of “essential” cognacs of different ages (VS, VSOP and XO).

Heritage, know-how, selection, assembly … all highlighted in a dress faithful to our values.

Here is a new chapter ….